Nudes (Work in Progress)

The human form has been represented in many ways through the history of art. Romantic artists whose work relates to the human form specifically to the nude influence the project. The series is a representation of the human body and its interaction with nature, with a break away of the norm of shooting nudes.

The body in its essential form is a mixture of lines, shapes, and forms. The body when placed in nature affects the meaning of the environment, altering it in a way. For this project, the bodies were placed in a certain way to reduce the view of the face, thus removing the portrait entirely. By doing this, we can enter the image by shapes rather than through a personality. This can allow us to focus on two things: the environment and the body placement, but also the mood of the image. This will permit the viewer to connect the body with the environment and appreciate the feeling it creates in each individual image.

The series has an overall mysterious feeling. The lack of a face alters the perception of the overall landscapes. The specific feeling depends on who sees the image and their interpretation of it. To me, the images were created to represent a nostalgic feeling, full of mystery and the sublime. Through the use of body position, lack of face, and winter landscapes, that feeling is achieved. Some of the images also include more than one version of the same nude within the landscape further adding to this feeling.

The breakaway happens not only by representing the body in a landscape without a face, but also by photographing the nudes in a winter/late fall time. Humans have been in a relationship with nature since the dawn of time. We are drawn to the peace, quiet and serenity it can offer to us. Nature can be a sanctuary that can be easily sought. But by juxtaposing, the nude with nature, during the winter months the image meaning and feeling becomes distorted and that original relationship feels broken even though the images themselves seem serene.

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