A Tourist, The Tourist

The project is based on a trip to San Franscisco Bay Area in Fall 2015, and the idea of being a tourist and exploring famous places as an artist and trying to capture the essence of those locations in a way that piques the viewer's interest.

This series is a personal selection of famous scenes and locations that made me feel or experience something while capturing or prior to capturing. I find that an image lacks depth in photography, in particular photographing places that are continuously being photographed; for example the Golden Gate Bridge. The series thus also a method of discovery on how I experience photography, in particular when acting as a tourist. As such, I have included captions or quotes of what I think or why I photographed that particular moment. By adding this element, it is also a way for viewers to interact with my images on another level, and partially experience what I felt when I saw that particular moment in time. One of the main influences for this project was Martin Parr and his ongoing work on the tourism industry. Like Parr, I am photographing iconic locations that are known mainly as tourist attractions, but despite their overbearing presence, these locations hold significance because of their touristic allure.

Bixby Bridge info
Pfeiffer Beach info
17 Mile Drive info
Carmel River State Park info
Golden Gate Bridge at Baker Beach info
Palace of Fine Arts Theater info
Monterey Costal Trail info
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Alcatraz Island info
Alcatraz Boat info
Powell and Manson Cable Car Station info
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